Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Jaguar Limousines

I've always liked tuned limousines, maybe even more than tuned sports cars. When I found this picture of thees two Jags I new that they could look better.

I started tuning with lowering ride hight. Since there are two cars on picture that was a little bit complicated then usually. At first I tried to lower them together but that was not possible, because if I lowered it enough for bigger car that would be too much for smaller and vice verse. Solution was to lower them separately. Then only problem is to match background and asphalt.

After lowering I stretched front bumper and side skirts for front Jag, but for rear Jag stretching was not necessary. Then I used front grill from one racing Jaguar and put it on bigger Jag. Finally I stretched rims on both cars. Also I made clear direction indicators on both cars too.

Original size of this image is 1600x1200, and I had it as wallpaper for some time. I think that this is my best aps mod until now.

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