Monday, September 15, 2008


The BMW M3!

This is beautiful car as it is, but still I modified it. There are not many modifications but here they are : lowering the ride height, carbonizing the bonnet, removing some details from front bumper, stretching the front bumper, implanting extra lights into front bumper and bad boy look to the bonnet. And of course new license plate.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Subaru Impreza 2007 WRC

This is a modification of WRC Impreza. This modified Impreza is for everyday use and if you take a closer look you will notice that it is a coupe instead of 4 doors sedan. Ride height is lowered, decals removed, windows tinted in dark black, rims and wheels implanted from Audi. I also stretched front bumper and made clear tail lights. I removed that big roof antenna and tail wing.

By making Impreza coupe and if hole car would be stretched only by little this car could be a Nissan Skyline killer.

Nissan 350Z Street Racer Edition

This is my first attempt at making street racer look modification. For this I chose Nissan 350Z. It already has some elements that states 350Z sports character.

I started modding with lovering ride hight. For street racer carbon fiber is always a good choice. Carbon fiber bonnet with bad boy extensions, implanted carbon fiber side skirts and front spoiler and carbon fiber wing. Stretched grill with extra lights gave this Nissan a look of a wider car. Rims and wheels are from Shelby WCC Mustang. To complete street racer look I added some decals to the doors and tinted windows in dark black.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BMW Series 6

This is my first Photoshop Tuned BMW !!! It is beautiful BMW Series 6.
I started with lowering ride hight, then implanting new set of rims (donor was on Jaguar prototype), and also I added BMW logo to the rims. Then I stretched front bumper and done some face lifting. Then I implanted bottom of side skirts from Lamborghini Diablo and also I used front bumper spoiler from same Lamborghini Diablo. After that I stretched rear bumper, cleared some of the tail lights and license plates and made 4 exhaust pipes.
Next thing that I wonted to do was to place spoiler on the back hood. But for a couple of hours I couldn't find the wright match and at last I found it, it was on some MG prototype. I decorated it with carbon-fiber pattern.
Then I made tail lights darker, cos color of original tail lights on BMW 6 is too bright. Also I removed door handle and side mirror. And at the end I made windows in black color.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Seat Leon Cupra

Well, this is one of the most beautiful cars of today. Last generations of all Seat cars are excellent. For long time Altea was most beautiful cars for me and then Seat made this Leon Cupra which has Altea's lines and same design but is more sport's car.

When I started to Photoshop tune this Seat I didn't know where to start, everything looked perfect. So I applied some standard modifications, ride hight lowering, front bumper and side skirts stretching and I also made wider wheel arches, and enlarged rims.

After this standard modifications, I got inspiration and implanted air vent on the side skirt, which is from Spiker. Then I changed grill on the front air vents and removed grill from bonnet so only Seat logo remained. Then I used front grill from Audi R8. Last touch was making blue head lights.

Skoda Fabia

This is my friend's Skoda Fabia. I took the picture with my Olympus C370. It was nice car, but later I found out that he wonts to sell it, so I Photoshop Tuned it to show him how could his Fabia look like with some modifications, but he sold it anyway and bought Opel Astra caravan.

Modding of this Fabia I started with lowering ride hight, when doing this you have to be carefool about background of the car, because it can messup hole image. Then I changed rims, but if you look closely you will notice that there is some grass in front of the wheels on the original so I put layer with grass in front of wheel and erased the parts of old rim and got what you see. Then I removed black plastique decorations and streched front and rear bumpers side skirts. Also made bigger roof spoiler. At the end I implanted new exhaust tipand that was it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Jaguar Limousines

I've always liked tuned limousines, maybe even more than tuned sports cars. When I found this picture of thees two Jags I new that they could look better.

I started tuning with lowering ride hight. Since there are two cars on picture that was a little bit complicated then usually. At first I tried to lower them together but that was not possible, because if I lowered it enough for bigger car that would be too much for smaller and vice verse. Solution was to lower them separately. Then only problem is to match background and asphalt.

After lowering I stretched front bumper and side skirts for front Jag, but for rear Jag stretching was not necessary. Then I used front grill from one racing Jaguar and put it on bigger Jag. Finally I stretched rims on both cars. Also I made clear direction indicators on both cars too.

Original size of this image is 1600x1200, and I had it as wallpaper for some time. I think that this is my best aps mod until now.