Wednesday, September 26, 2007

BMW Series 6

This is my first Photoshop Tuned BMW !!! It is beautiful BMW Series 6.
I started with lowering ride hight, then implanting new set of rims (donor was on Jaguar prototype), and also I added BMW logo to the rims. Then I stretched front bumper and done some face lifting. Then I implanted bottom of side skirts from Lamborghini Diablo and also I used front bumper spoiler from same Lamborghini Diablo. After that I stretched rear bumper, cleared some of the tail lights and license plates and made 4 exhaust pipes.
Next thing that I wonted to do was to place spoiler on the back hood. But for a couple of hours I couldn't find the wright match and at last I found it, it was on some MG prototype. I decorated it with carbon-fiber pattern.
Then I made tail lights darker, cos color of original tail lights on BMW 6 is too bright. Also I removed door handle and side mirror. And at the end I made windows in black color.

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