Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Skoda Fabia

This is my friend's Skoda Fabia. I took the picture with my Olympus C370. It was nice car, but later I found out that he wonts to sell it, so I Photoshop Tuned it to show him how could his Fabia look like with some modifications, but he sold it anyway and bought Opel Astra caravan.

Modding of this Fabia I started with lowering ride hight, when doing this you have to be carefool about background of the car, because it can messup hole image. Then I changed rims, but if you look closely you will notice that there is some grass in front of the wheels on the original so I put layer with grass in front of wheel and erased the parts of old rim and got what you see. Then I removed black plastique decorations and streched front and rear bumpers side skirts. Also made bigger roof spoiler. At the end I implanted new exhaust tipand that was it.

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